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No need to purchase software or hardware solutions, let our trained consultants carry out a planned asset audit.
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On-demand Asset Audits and Tracking
Every business has assets. But do you know exactly what you have and how much it’s worth?

SNE Asset Audit Services can provide you with a complete list of your assets and an up to date value. By giving each of the items an individual barcode with a description, location and valuation you can keep a track of your assets.

The capital assets - from computers to cars - of any business or organisation are often one of the most significant elements of its book value yet, after purchase and installation, they are largely hidden or forgotten. Precise knowledge of the assets a business owns is vital to track their movement and condition, effectively manage risk and meet the legal obligation of accurate accounting.

Services offered by PCS will support:

• Item location tracking
• Accurate management of depreciation
• Continuous monitoring of asset movement
• Logged real-time asset `ownership’